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Extra Curricular Activities Committee

Functions and Responsibilities

  • The Convener of the committee shall conduct a meeting with all the members of the committee to discuss and delegate tasks.
  • The Committee shall display on the Notice Board/Website information about events to be conducted like Sports day, Annual day, Fresher’s Day, Festival Celebrations etc.,
  • The Extracurricular committee shall be responsible for scheduling the events, ensuring maximum possible students participation and all intra and inter collegiate cultural and Sports events in the College.
  • The Committee is responsible for identifying the strong teams to represent the institute in various inter-collegiate Sports and cultural events.
  • The Committee is responsible for up keep of all play grounds, Sports equipment, and to plan and monitor the infrastructural facilities related to Sports and games.
  • The Convener and the members of the committee shall prepare the budget for approval.
  • The Committee must submit the quarterly report regarding the adequacy and Quality of the maintenance of the facilities.
  • The Committee must monitor and maintain discipline among the student players.
  • The Committee must schedule all the related activities of sports and cultural events without affecting the Class/Lab/Examination work.
  • The Committee has to maintain the records for all sports and cultural events of the college.


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