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Academic Committee

Functions and Responsibilities

  • To plan, monitor and control of the academic systems of all the Departments.
  • To introduce innovations in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation practices.
  • To introduce the additional infrastructural facilities required to strengthen the departments for changing needs curriculum revision or introduction of new courses.
  • To evolve processes for inducting Academic Audit both at the department level and at the college level.
  • To suggest the methods for improvement for overcoming the weaknesses while teaching, learning and evaluation, student support and progression.
  • To ascertain whether the college is functioning efficiently and effectively with proven records of capacity building, research projects, publications, consultancy and extension over a period of time or not.
  • To identify the bottlenecks in the existing setup, and identify the opportunities for academic, examination reforms in tune with vision and mission of the college.
  • To suggest the methods of improvement for sustaining quality in higher education.
  • To analyze the student’s feedback.
  • To counsel the subject in-charge in case of poor performance.
  • To recommend the requirements of new infrastructural facilities to the department concerned,


S.No. Name Designation Position
1Dr.K.UmadeviPrincipal Chairman
3Mr.Aravind ThirunavukarasuDirector - Corporate RelationshipMember
4Dr.P.Ramesh KumarDean (RandD)Member
5Dr.M.SeenirajanHoD / CIVILMember
6Dr.M.SakthivelHoD / CSEMember
7Dr.C.AarthiHoD / ECEMember
8Dr.K.UmadeviHoD / EEEMember
9Dr.M.SelvaKumarHoD / MECHMember
10Dr.P.GovindasamyHoD / MBAMember
11Mr.P.ThangarasuHoD / ChemistryMember

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