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About Trust

Sengunthar Charitable Trust, established in 1995, is dedicated to bringing out the hidden potential in students and shaping them into high-order entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurial Development: The trust focuses on nurturing entrepreneurial skills among students, aiming to empower them to contribute significantly to the business world.

National Service

The trust is committed to contributing to the national cause by improving the quality of life, with a particular emphasis on the betterment of rural communities and their economic development.

Holistic Development

The trust follows the philosophy of providing all-round development, incorporating a strong moral foundation. This suggests a commitment to not only academic and professional growth but also the cultivation of ethical values.

Balancing Career and Life

Encouraging a spirit of healthy competition, the trust aims to guide students in achieving a successful career while maintaining a contented and balanced life.

In summary, Sengunthar Charitable Trust is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, contributing to national development, and promoting holistic development with a strong moral base among students. It envisions students who can successfully navigate both their careers and personal lives with a sense of fulfillment.

The Trust offers scholarships to recognize and support students with exceptional academic achievements.

Commitment to Academic Standards

The Trust emphasizes the importance of aspiring for the maintenance, growth, and development of academic standards, reflecting a dedication to educational excellence.

Promotion of Self-Employment Opportunities

The Trust aims to generate and promote opportunities for self-employment, indicating a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship among students.

Dedication to Socio-Economic Change

The Trust is dedicated to socio-economic change in India, emphasizing inclusivity by stating that this commitment applies regardless of race, class, culture, or religion.

Character Building and Nurturing Inquisitive Spirit

The Trust focuses on character building and nurturing the inquisitive spirit of students, suggesting a holistic approach to education that goes beyond academics to cultivate strong character and curiosity.

In summary, the Trust supports meritorious students through scholarships, emphasizes academic standards, promotes self-employment opportunities, is dedicated to socio-economic change with inclusivity, and places importance on character building and fostering the inquisitive spirit of students.


Name Designation
Thiru. Jansons. T. S. Natarajan President
Prof. A. Baladhandapani, M.A., M.Phil., Secretary and Correspondent
Thiru. M. K. Dhanasekaran Treasurer
Thiru. T. N. A. Thirunavukkarasu Vice President
Thiru. L. Saravanamurugan Vice President
Thiru. R. Manickam Joint Secretary
Thiru. T. Shanmugasundaram, B.Com., M.A., Joint Secretary
Thiru. T. N. Thirukumar Trustee
Thiru. T. A. Rajah Trustee
Thiru. M. K. Murugesan Trustee
Thirumathi. S. Malarvizhi Trustee
Thiru. M. Vetrivel Trustee
Thiru A.B Madhan Trustee
Dr. S. T. Prasad Trustee

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