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Academic Council

Functions and Responsibilities

  • To promote the overall academic affairs of the institute.
  • To provide direction with regard to methods of instruction, evaluation or research or improvement in academic standards
  • To consider matters of academic interest either on its own initiatives or at the insistence of the governing council and take proper action there on.
  • To approve the proposals/regulations recommended by the Board of Studies on academic regulations, framing of syllabus and evaluation methods.
  • To introduce value added courses/ certificate courses which are required to meet industry needs
  • To prescribe courses of study leading to undergraduate and Post graduate degree of the institute
  • To develop the regulations for student’s admission based on government policies.
  • To formulate guidelines for the conduct of examinations in conformity with bye-laws of the institute and the affiliating university
  • To maintain proper standards of the examination
  • To develop the guidelines for sports, extracurricular activities, maintenance and functioning of play grounds and hostels
  • To promote research within the institute and acquire reports on such research from time to time for further guidance and advice
  • To prescribe measures for departmental coordination
  • Ratifies and resolves the minutes of Board of Studies
  • To make recommendations to the governing council for the following:
    • Inception of new courses
    • Initiate measures for improvements of standards of teaching, Training and research
    • Institution of fellow ships, Travelling fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes etc.
    • Establishment or discontinuation of courses / centers and formulate bylaws guiding the academic functioning of the institute admissions and examinations.


S.No. Members (as per UGC Norms) Members Nominated
1 The Principal (Chairman) Dr. R. Satishkumar
2 All the Heads of Departments in the college
  1. Dr. M. Sakthivel, HOD / CSE
  2. Dr. C. Aarthi, HOD/ ECE
  3. Dr. K. Umadevi, Chairman, HOD / EEE
  4. Dr. T.R.Chinnusamy, Chairman, Dean / Mech
  5. Dr. P.Govindasamy, Chairman, HOD / MBA
  6. Prof. M.Karthikeyan, HOD / IT
  7. Dr. G.P.Raja, HOD / AI and DS
  8. Prof. Mohammed Sathik Raja, HOD / MEE
  9. Prof.A.Senthilkumar, HOD / R and A
  10. Dr.T.Ayyappan HOD / Civil
3 Four Teachers of the college representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college.
  1. Dr. B. Sujatha, Dean (Academics)
  2. Dr. E. Geetha, Prof / MEE
  3. Prof. G. Senthilrajan, ASP / EEE
  4. Prof. K. Ashokumar, ASP / CSE
4 Not less than four experts from outside the college representing such area as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, etc., To be nominated by the Governing Body.
  1. Dr. Christy Manoraj,
    Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engg,
    Government College of Engineering, Salem.
  2. Mr. Y Paul Rasaiya,
    AGM (CRM-electrical),
    SAIL, Salem Steel Plant, Salem.
  3. Shri T.N. Thirukkumar, MD,
    Jansons Industries, Tiruchengode.
  4. Dr. N. Nagarajan, Principal,
    Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology,
5 Three nominees of the university
  1. Dr. K. Manonmani,
    Government College of Technology, Chennai.
  2. Dr. J. Selwin Rajadurai, M.E., Ph.D, MISTE,
    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Government College of Engineering, Srirangam, Trichy.
  3. Dr. Ila Vennila,
    Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
    PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
6 A faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary). Dr. K. L. Palanisamy, Chairman, BOS / S and H

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